Jennifer H.

Ive been seeing Dr.Angie now for awhile for my issues an Dr Hymolia for my injections.They are all super sweet an they seem to genuinely care about whats going on with you.An the injections are always super fast an youre done before ya know it.Id recommend this place if your acceppted here.An if they are receiving new patients.

Doris B.

Care & attention to my needs & concerns! Very nice & professional care

Fannie L.

Professionals who listen to you, recommend options to help, and care enough to follow up to see how you are doing.

Valerie H.

Excellent care and compassion from Dr. Kenneth Homolya and staff. Thank you.

Ernest F.

His doctor Tolman he listens to you and give you what you need he strives to help you with your pain

Monica G.

The first time I met with Dr. Tolman was today. He was congenial and friendly, and easy to converse with. He heard me out on my concerns, and interacted with me in such a way that I felt like we were working collaboratively, rather than simply him telling me how it was going to be regarding my treatment. I have upcoming cervical spine surgery, and he assured me his practice the providers in that practice will be able to effectively manage my post-op pain. All that is to say I had a very positive experience with Dr. Tolman.

Adam T.

We were very pleased after talking with Dr. Tolman, my father is ready to work with him and his plan to give him his life back! Thank you so much Dr. Tolman for seeing my father Adam Thomas. My dad was very close to tears after talking to you!

Paul W.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Homolya and Rachel Forsythe for years now and have no complaints. They have always done their best by me : )

Karen D.

He’s always professional and always has your best interests in mind. Answers all your questions. And makes you feel comfortable I would recommend his office and helpful staff

Marymac C.

Dr. Tolman answers my questions; always has good suggestions and offers options when possible for my particular problem.

Doris E.

I have an extreme needle phobia and he is so gentle that I honestly don’t feel but a pinch. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for someone with compassion and understanding.

Betty B.


Denise R.

Very courteous and knowledgeable. The wait time was very short.

Shirley A.

Well taken care of

Elaine H.

Dr. Tolman is a good Doctor and he knows what he is doing. He could learned some bed side matters, and not be so rude to patients.

Armand G.

Always professional. He knows what he is doing. I have never had anything but a great experience.

Fannie L.

Dr. Homolya did an amazingly quick, literally painless spinal injection and I was all done before I knew we had really started. He is very skilled at his job and I will recommend him to everyone I know with chronic pain.

Fannie L.

Office staff did a great job lessening exposure to Corona virus with temp check, masks, social distancing, and requiring anyone but patient (like drivers) to wait outside in vehicle, which I appreciated very much as I am in a very high risk category. I saw nurse disinfecting procedure table between patients, also.

Samantha L.

Dr. Tolman is The. Best. at what he does. I have had literally dozens of spinal steroid injections over the 15 years I’ve dealt with this chronic injury, and I’ve either had to be sedated or have been in excruciating pain, literally bawling my eyes out, because I wasn’t locally numb enough. Dr. Tolman is the first doctor to know (without me mentioning it) that natural redheads need more of both local and general anesthesia. I was not given any general anesthesia/sedation which worried me at first but I ended up really not needing it. I am so amazed by how nearly painless this process was. The worst part was the burning from the first injection of numbing medicine on each side. When he said “we’re done” I literally thought he meant he was done putting in the numbing medicine. I had to ask, “We’re DONE done? With everything?” I was absolutely amazed and truly impressed by this entire experience. It really shows that Dr. Tolman truly cares about his patients and their pain. He understands that of course we’re already in pain or we wouldn’t be there, and actually does his best not to subject us to even more pain. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Tolman. I’ll never get a spinal injection by anyone else. Please don’t ever leave. 🙂

Pamela C.

Yes I was very satisfied I thought Dr. Tolman got upset because I could not hear I can’t hear good but I will be seeing him again