Can you help my condition?

Although this is a common question, it is one that can not accurately be answered until we see you in the office for a full examination. At Integrity Pain Consultants we are dedicated to providing care that meets your individual needs.

How long is my first visit?

At Integrity Pain Consultants we take pride in being thorough with each patient. This means conducting a complete examination and obtaining appropriate diagnostics on your first visit. You can figure on being in the office for XXXXX on the first visit.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Along with a positive attitude, we ask that you bring any recent (within the last year) reports and copies on a disc of any MRI’s, CT scans or X-rays of the area of your complaint. Not having these with you, or sent before your first visit, will delay your treatment. In addition, if you have been to another pain clinic prior to coming to see us, we must have copies of your office records, including any dismissal letter.

What treatments do you offer?

At Integrity Pain Consultants we pride ourselves in blending the most current evidence-based care with long-standing proven techniques. Dr. Homolya takes time to develop the best treatment plan for your condition. Please see the list of services we perform HERE.

Does my insurance pay for my treatments?

We have listed insurances we accepted on our homepage. These can change often so be sure to call to see if we accept yours (615-431-5484). All insurance plans vary concerning payment and patient responsibility. The billing department will work with you to explain your insurance benefits and payment plans.